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Success Story Of Dilip Joshi

Janiye Dilip Joshi Success Story In Full Details Aapko Janakar Yakin Nahi Hoga Usane Kaha Ki Janiye Full Story

Success Story Of Dilip Joshi

Is it this crazy every time?
(Laughs) Yes, especially when you are in Gujarat.

Has the success sunk in? 

To be honest, it has. It’s well earned that’s why it has. I can say that I have worked hard enough to reach where I am right now.

Is there a long story of struggle?
Yes. Actually my struggle would have started from the very time I would have started acting as a child. I was good in mimicry. My mom thought of putting me in the theater. And these were the days when acting was a social taboo. So from starting to sustaining, it was a battle. Acting is risky business. No matter how big you are, you are never secure. You don’t know when you will be out of work. Would you believe if I say that I was almost jobless for an entire year just before I signed Taarak Mehta…!

So what does an actor do during forced sabbaticals?
You introspect! It’s very important. You figure where are you lacking, you improve and yes, try and find work! Also the theatre comes to rescue any jobless actor, at least on stage you won’t lose the touch.

What keeps you going when you know that you are not doing well, when there is no work at all?
It’s your love for the profession, love for acting…I really love acting, so never thought how well I was doing (commercially) or quitting. There was always something or the other, big or small but interesting. And I wasn’t dreaming of becoming a big star either.

What were you thinking on the sets of Maine Pyar Kiyawhile playing the small
character roles?
Nothing! In Maine Pyaar Kiya I had a very small role, but on the sets of HAHK I used to feel blessed. I was a small actor standing with all those big stars and I used to wonder that whether it was a dream or a reality!

Do you miss being in films?
Very much. I am looking forward to interesting film offers. Television keeps you so busy that you barely get time even for yourself. By god’s grace that I am part of a great team, otherwise it would have been really impossible.

Where do you see yourself in theatre?
I miss being on stage, because I don’t have much time to do theatre. But I will never leave theater. I started from there, and when the time comes, I’ll do theater again.